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Are you losing income because of panic attacks and anxiety?

Is debilitating fear keeping you stuck?

I help women business owners experiencing panic attacks and anxiety from feeling held back to being at peace with themselves and their successful business.

I had been shoving down a lot of things from my childhood and ignoring the signs of anxiety. Not really processing and healing through things. Not taking enough time for myself. Not being patient with myself.

Panic attacks and anxiety became the norm. Too many days per week I wasn’t able to function. The anxiety made me feel paralyzed and perpetually hiding.

I started researching methods to reduce my anxiety and create the mental peace to move forward. I learned how to access the place within me that is always peaceful, and discover the mistaken beliefs that got me to my place of pain and fear in the first place.

Women who were struggling with anxiety and panic attacks started showing up in my coaching practice.  Using methods I had learned to calm my own anxiety allowed me to help others.


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